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Feb 12, 2020

Everything you need to know about Vitamin C

Our eyes never stop moving. In fact, the average adults’ eyes will move 100,000 times a day. Hardly surprising given there’s so much for us to see – from squinting at our smartphone and computer screens for endless hours, not to mention environmental stresses enhanced by insufficient sleep. With skin around the eyes ten times thinner than the skin on the rest of our face it’s no wonder that our demanding lives cause premature ageing around the area resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and dullness.

So, the million-dollar question: How can we slow down and reduce the appearance of all of the above when there is no sign of life slowing down? Enter a new skincare supercharger to save the day – Dermalogica’s BioLumin-C Eye Serum. At first glance, its packaging may look modest, but boy is it mighty – with the brand defining it as their most powerful brightening complex for the eye area. 

To help us understand more, we asked Janine Da Costa, Dermalogica’s Education Executive, our need-to-knows of BioLumin-C Eye Serum’s key ingredient – Vitamin C.

What is Vitamin C?

1. What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is an antioxidant powerhouse, it’s the optimal way to address skin ageing as it brightens, firms and boosts skin’s natural defences. Vitamin C acts as a brightening agent and boosts collagen. It also protects against free radicals, brightens and works to keep skin looking youthful.

Did you know? Unlike plants and animals, we as humans cannot produce Vitamin C ourselves and so need to ingest or apply it topically to reap its many benefits.

2. What results can I expect by integrating Vitamin C?

The great news is that results are almost immediate. Vitamin C shields and protects against external stressors so should be applied in the morning before you are exposed to pollution. It also helps with hyper pigmentation, improves the texture of skin and reduces inflammation.

Did you know? When Vitamin C in serum form starts to turn brown in colour, it’s a sign that it’s losing its potency.

What results can I expect by integrating Vitamin C
Should Vitamin C be introduced slowly into a skincare routine?

3. Should Vitamin C be introduced slowly into a skincare routine?

Vitamin C can be slotted into your skincare regime without the need of a slow introduction. Pairing it with a broad spectrum, high SPF (30-50) will ensure you have the ultimate daytime defence against UV and pollution. Remember, a little goes a long way – a rice grain-sized amount of BioLumin-C Eye Serum should be squeezed onto the ring finger, then applied with gentle pressure to the under eye area and socket bone. Follow this with your usual moisturiser or sunscreen.

Did you know? Not all Vitamin C is created equal. Many formulas boast high levels of Vitamin C but that doesn’t necessarily equate to efficacy and skin results due to its unstable nature. Dermalogica formulate with ultra-stable forms of Vitamin C that are highly bioavailable. This means the potency of Vitamin C is delivered deep into the skin for superior skin results. BioLumin-C Eye Serum is formulated with the brand’s ultra-stable Vitamin C complex in a formula optimised for the delicate eye area to deliver skin firming and hydration.

BioLumin-C Eye Serum is supercharged with a whole host of ingredients to deliver incredible results. Skin is noticeably brighter after just one application and firmness is increased within 8 weeks.


4. What other ingredients help improve the appearance of delicate skin?

Dermalogica’s serum formula is also packed with a peptide to deliver firmer and more radiant skin as well as Chia Seed Oil bringing maximum moisture to the eye area. To further smooth and hydrate, advanced ingredients including mushroom extracts, micro algae and papain (derived from papaya) all help to boost elasticity, diminish fine lines and renew texture.

What are the other ingredients help improve the appearance of delicate skin

If your eyes are in need of a boost, book an appointment with our Dermalogica therapist in-store, who will prescribe a skincare regime tailored to your individual needs.

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