bailey the polar bear

Our annual Christmas toy captures the spirit of the season for Elys shoppers of all ages. This year, super-cuddly Bailey the Polar Bear makes for the perfect friend to treasure now and for Christmases to come. Read Bailey’s story, which reveals the journey this bear has been on and how they came to adorn a red scarf…

Bailey the polar bear

Bailey the Polar Bear woke up at the crack of dawn, he had a big stretch and then a big yawn.

As he looked around the Arctic it was snowy and white, but then Bailey saw something that gave him a fright!

There was a little elf who looked lost in all the snow, so Bailey walked over to say hello.

‘What are you doing here?’, said Bailey the bear, the elf jumped up high as Bailey gave him a scare!

‘I got lost on my way to the North Pole’, said the elf, who was very annoyed at himself!

‘I need to get back before Santa goes, but it’s so cold I can’t even feel my toes!’

The little elf was so cold his lips were turning blue, Bailey knelt down and said ‘jump on my back, I’ll help you’.

So the elf climbed on Bailey’s back and away they were, with the elf holding on to Bailey’s snowy white fur.

They travelled for miles through sleet and snow, and it wasn’t long before they could hear Santa’s ‘Ho Ho Ho’!

Soon enough they could see Santa’s Grotto and the elf’s friends, ‘Thank you forgetting me back, I have been lost all weekend!

With Christmas only a few days away, I need to get the presents ready for Santa or the children will have nothing to play!’

‘That’s okay, I’m happy to help!’ Bailey said, but I should get back now, it’s almost lunchtime and I can be grumpy when I’m not fed!

‘Wait! I have something for you’ the elf said, and he took a scarf out of his bag which was the most beautiful shade of red.

He wrapped the soft scarf around Bailey’s neck, ‘Merry Christmas, Bailey. Stay safe on your trek’.

Bailey gave the elf a big polar bear hug, ‘Thank you for my present, I’m sure it will keep me snug!’

And away Bailey went running through the snow, amazed that his new scarf kept him warm from head to toe.

Featured product

Keel Bailey The Polar Bear



Introducing Bailey the Polar Bear, who captures the spirit of the season and will delight mini Elys fans.

Crafted with eco-friendly practises in mind, Bailey the Polar Bear has been created with 100% recycled polyester sourced from plastic waste and weighted with recycled glass beads.

For every Bailey that leaves Elys to join a new home, 10% of the sales will be donated to The Honeypot Children's Charity, who work to enhance the lives of young carers, allowing them to take respite in environments where they can develop their potential.

Bailey the Polar Bear makes for the perfect friend to treasure this Christmas and beyond.

*Size: 25cm

honeypot children's charity

For over two decades, Honeypot Children's Charity has been working to enhance the lives of young carers, allowing them to have a break from demanding and stressful responsibilities at home and take respite in safe and nurturing environments where they can develop their potential. Elys holds Honeypot so dear and are a charity very deserving of a gift this Christmas so they can continue to make a difference to the lives of the children in the U.K.