Winter The Snow Leopard

Thrashing through the snow all day
Winter the Snow Leopard loved to play
From the mountain tops up high
Dreaming of a chance to fly

Across the sea and land so vast
Soaring over the world at last
Seeing all the city lights
Never ending all night flights

“Make a wish” suggested a friend
“That works for me in the end”
Winter pledged to make a wish
From the spot of her breakfast dish

On Christmas Eve she heard a bash
It sounded like there’d been a crash
Winter went to find out where
And found a sleigh and reindeer there

“We were really in a dash
And our sleigh has had a crash
I’ve got no idea where
Last year I’m sure that mountain wasn’t there”

“We’ve got these presents to deliver
It's so cold I’m starting to shiver”
Winter helped dislodge the sleigh
Before they knew it they were on their way

Winter tagged along for the ride
Sometimes so scared she had to hide
Giving gifts throughout the flight
Taking turns throughout the night

Returning home they flew
Winter’s dream came true
A job well done, giving gifts galore
“I love to dream” was Winter’s roar

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