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Calvin Klein

Global, lifestyle brand Calvin Klein creates high-quality underwear made from the finest fabrics which are as durable as they are luxurious. Consistently delivering innovative, yet minimalist designs with superior fit and quality, Calvin Klein should be your go-to for men’s boxers, briefs and trunks.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren has a large collection of comfortable underwear and socks which are a must-have for every modern day man. Coming in a variety of colours and styles, Ralph Lauren is a must for men’s underwear.

Happy Socks

Founded by friends Mikael and Viktor, Happy Socks was born with the purpose of bringing happiness and colour to every corner of the world. Every pair of high-quality socks represents a combination of unique design and true craftsmanship. Happy Socks really do make you happy!


Hugo Boss

Premium designer Hugo Boss has a large collection of high-quality, comfortable underwear for men. From classic, cotton boxers, to form-fitting briefs in smooth stretchy fabrics, the Hugo Boss collection has something for even the most unique underwear preferences.


Once a small family-run shop, Swedish born GANT is now a global, best-selling brand. From breezy boxer shorts to snug-fitting trunks, GANT’s range of underwear gives you all the support and style you need.


Paul Smith

As one of Britain’s top designers, Paul Smith is renowned for his creative aesthetic, combining tradition and modernity. Using the finest fabrics in bold colours and signature stripes, Paul Smith underwear is designed for comfort, movement and breathability.