Our range of Micro Scooters are made with replaceable parts for a lifetime of scooting. Designed to grow and adapt with your child. Built to be passed on to future generations. The range of Micro Mini scooters have been specifically designed for 3–5-year-olds. These scooters are lightweight, agile, and easy to use. Helping young children build confidence. For an extra luxe look and feel the Micro Mini Deluxe scooters include anodised stems, extra grippy footplate and colour-pop designs. For ages 5-12 Micro Maxi scooters allow older children to continue their adventures. The scooters in this range have a higher weight limit and are foldable. For kids who prefer life on 2 wheels Micro Sprite scooters are the perfect first 2 wheeled for ages 5-12. Foldable, adjustable and in a range of eye-catching designs. Scooters designed specifically around each stage of a child’s development. Crafted to last for a lifetime of adventure.

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