5 Questions to ask yourself when choosing your occasion outfit

Elys Style Expert and Personal Stylist, Helen shares the all-important things you should consider when putting together an outfit for your next event.

1. Is there a dress code?

If you’re not sure, ask. But in my opinion, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed! However...

2. What time is the event?

Daytime sparkle is always a good idea in my view but when it comes to a special occasion - particularly a wedding - it’s important not to outshine the bride, so keep it subtle.

3. Will you be eating?

Are you going to be comfortable in this outfit during a sit-down meal? Consider patterned pieces and flowing styles to relax, enjoy and quite literally let loose in.

4. What is the venue?

If you’ll be spending the afternoon on a lawn, stiletto heels aren’t ideal, so opt for wedge sandals or thicker heels instead.

5. Will you be travelling far?

A printed fabric will disguise creases better than a plain one. Choose blended fabrics to give you a luxe look and feel without the delicacy of pure silk or creasability of linen.

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