How to Clean Your Jellycat Toys

Feeling a little stuck on how to wash a Jellycat toy properly? Jellycat soft toys are often very well loved and as they quickly become part of the family it's not uncommon for these loveable cuddly soft toy companions to eventually become very playworn. With that in mind, we got to wondering about how to wash a Jellycat toy so it’s looking and feeling as fresh and soft as possible. 

Our first port-of-call was to reach out to Jellycat and ask their expert advice on how to wash a Jellycat properly...

Jellycat says the best method on how to clean a soft toy (including their loveable Amuseables) is with lots of love and attention! Unless otherwise stated on the sew-in label, Jellycat recommends a gentle surface wash of all their soft toys with mild soap and then rinsed with cool water. Then, dry the fur with a hair dryer with little or no heat. Some soothers and comforters are suitable for a cool machine wash - please check the sew-in label typically found on the underside of your fluffy friend. Please refer to the Safety and Suitability tab on the Jellycat for each individual product for recommendations for how to wash them.

The Hinch Army cleaning forum on Facebook also advises sending your soft toys to the "spa" (washing machine and tumble dryer) as Jellycat recommended. Others have popped them into a pillow case and tied it at the top on a 30 degree wash, wool wash or delicates wash to keep them safe. Jellycat soft toys have been finished off with some people hanging them on the line in the sun and some owners have taken to drying them on a hairdryer’s cool setting. 

We've also read that some parents have resorted to giving their child and Jellycat toy a bath together or some wash their Jellycat bunnies with other delicates in the sink either with washing up liquid or Dettol. Hanging your Jellycat toy out to dry rather than using a hairdryer has been reported to leave your Jellycat toys fur a little stiff, so choose your drying method wisely for how to make Jellycat toys soft again!

Here at Elys, we advise that you follow Jellycat's own expert instructions for how to wash a Jellycat, so as to keep your favourite Jellycat toys safe and long-lasting. We always advise to purchase two just in case! You can never have enough and you don't want your favourite to go out of stock.

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