Our Favourite Timeless Jellycat Products

Jellycat was started with an idea of bringing some magic into the world of growing toddlers and infants. It has reached a point where we are seeing them on everyone's Christmas wish list; an adorable and cuddly collection of unique creatures, each one with their own anecdote and personality traits. With all of this in mind, this blog will delve into everything there is to know about Jellycat soft toys – from how they came about to why people love them so much!

History of the Jellycat brand

Founded in London in 1999, Jellycat takes its name from a suggestion made by co-founder Thomas’ then seven-year-old son, who thought the combination of a jelly and a cat would make for an hilarious proposition, reflecting the playful nature of the soft toy brand - and the name stuck! 

23 years later, Jellycat continues to stock a huge range of soft toys that combine luxurious fabrics with unique and quirky designs. Their products are always adorable but with something a little bit different that’s sure to make you take notice. Who else thought to make a plush sandwich soft toy or delightful soft watering can complete with flowing water?

Famous Happy Customers

All of Jellycat’s soft toy products are dreamt up within the UK with the goal of being uplifting. Remaining true to this founding principle has led to a devoted fanbase of children and adults of all ages.

Jellycat is not without its high-profile fans. Princess Charlotte owns a Jellycat Fuddlewuddles Puppy and Suri Cruise had a Jellycat Bashful Beige Medium Bunny when she was younger. Harper Beckham was regularly seen with her Pink Bashful Soother and Pink Bashful Bunny.

Having diversified their full range to include everything from baby toys and baby soothers to backpacks and books, there really is something for everyone - no matter how old you are.

Have a browse of some of our favourites from the soft toy brand below and view our full collection here.

The Jellycat Blossom Cream Bunny is a super sunny summer bunny. With a pretty floral pattern in her large flopsy ears and flowers on her furry feet, she’s the best picnic pal ever! Blossom comes from the iconic and timeless Jellycat bunnies collection, and with creamy, squishy paws and a friendly smile, she is sure to be the perfect gift for any child or adult alike.

The Bashful Pink Bunny Soother is a very popular and comforting soft toy from Jellycat's baby toys collection. The Bashful Bunnies soothers range come with an adorably plush rabbit with a super soft blanket attached, helping even the grumpiest kids to sleep. It’s hard to stay cross at such a squishy-soft bunny! Jellycat soothers are a travel essential for nuzzly naptimes and sweet slumbers. Hug a blankie today and keep bad dreams away!

The Jellycat Brodie Monkey is one fun and soft toy; he's a cocoa-cream clambering kerfuffle, and this monkey is always in trouble! He's proud of his lovely long tail and his bobbly nose for sniffing out fruits! One of the great things about the wide range of Jellycat toys is that you are sure to find a variation of your favourite animal with soft fabric and unique silliness.

Everyone treasures this little bunny. The Bashful Beige Bunny is a popular fellow with super-soft fur and lovely long flopsy ears, meaning that with just one cuddle, you’ll never want to let go. Bashful bunnies make for irresistibly cute soft toy gifts for boys or girls, becoming forever friends with their timeless design and great prices. Explore our Jellycat Bunnies collection here.

Made of beautiful, silky smooth fur in a scrummy creamy chocolatey colour, this Bashful monkey swings through the trees as fast as can be, to become a number one playmate for any child! The Bashful Monkey soft toy is made from soft, high-quality chocolate faux fur with a long furry tail and deep golden-brown eyes. He's adorable as can be, but don't take our word for it. Bashful Monkey has been travel tested and family approved.
Explore the adventures of your favourite soft toy with Jellycat books. I Know A Monkey is a gorgeous hardback book, starring a very special monkey. What will he do next? From stacked-up hats to balancing goats, this monkey's setting a trend of his own. Storytime is a barrel of fun with this chirpy chap. Search for other books and little bags for your young ones to carry them in from our Jellycat bags and books collection.
The Bashful Blush Bunny loves to snuggle, and her super soft peachy fur makes her the perfect little buddy! This lop-eared lovely will make an amazing addition to bedtimes and adventure times all over the world. This Jellycat plush toy is a classic in a timeless pink shade sure to be a favourite for years on end. Browse the Jellycat Bashfuls range here.
Tubby and ticklish, the Harry Panda Cub is such a sweet chap. His charcoal-grey and creamy fur is velvety-soft and so snuggly. Smiles are guaranteed when Harry Panda comes to call. This soft, huggable panda is made from the finest plush materials and has beans in his foot pads for added weight. Harry's beany feet help him sit up, and his lollopy legs swing about when he's carried. We love his bobbly tail and his huggable frame, making him a contender for our favourite soft toy!
The exceptionally Sweet Bartholomew Bear is a gorgeous gift to both give and receive.  Tawny-tousled and full of softness, Bartholomew Bear is the perfect bedtime buddy. Read him a story, sing him a teddy bear lullaby, or maybe just rest on his fluffy fudge tummy - he’s adorably podgy! Perfect for cuddling or as a stylish addition to a child's bedroom, this Bear will look after them until they're all grown up. Browse our family of Jellycat Animals here for other choices of soft toy furry friends.
10. Jellycat Peanut Penguin
Vintage-inspired in the baby-softest fur, this soft toy has icebergs full of cute charisma. they're all classic toys given brand new personalities with a contemporary design tweak. He is perfect for popping on your desk or bedside table to bring some joy and colour into your life. A great gift for newborns, big kids and grown-ups too — especially those who've always loved penguins!

Jellycat is widely regarded as the leading brand in soft toy manufacture and design, with some of their creations being huggable, snuggle worthy companions for every age. Since their launch the company has always had the customer at its heart; listening to what the consumers want and giving them what they need. Jellycat is a brand that prides itself on its smile-faced, good-hearted approach to soft toy design and manufacture, and it has proven immensely popular among consumers as a result.

Browse our entire Jellycat collection here from Elys Wimbledon.