Celebrating the summer sun with Sipsmith

Have you explored the ever growing alcohol department in Elys? The range of fine wines and spirits available is wide and covers everything from gins, whisky to flavoured liqueurs. There are also seasonal bottles which are worth checking out when you’re visiting. This summer, a highlight of the drinks department is the Sipsmith collection.

Sipsmith is a gin brand you probably would have heard of as their status is ever-growing towards iconic. While looking into their story for this post I was blown away with the effort and passion the owners have had in the gin’s creation since 2007.

Sam Galsworthy, Fairfax Hall and Jared Brown, the founders of Sipsmith, not only created beautiful spirits but also fought to change the law in order to achieve their dream. The beginning of the gin-aissance was started. I’m sure we have all noticed just how popular gin has become in the last few years and I think it will only increase.

In 2009, the finished recipe for the London Dry Gin was made and the Sipsmith brand was born. Since then Sipsmith has travelled the world and can be spotted at bars in over 50 countries. Sipsmith can now also be found at Elys online and in-store.

Sipsmith Cocktails

Just in time to soak up the last of the summer sunshine, I have been busy in my kitchen creating cocktail using two Sipsmith spirits.

The first is the Sipsmith London Cup which is a summer liqueur similar to Pimm’s. Here, London Cup uses the iconic Sipsmith gin to really boost that fruity flavour. It is perfect for cocktails or enjoying just with a top up of lemonade. Summer parties and events need the London Cup.

The second of the Sipsmith spirits I have been experimenting with is the FreeGlider non-alcoholic Sipsmith gin. Over the last year or so the alcohol free spirit range has grown. I try to always have a bottle of alcohol free in the house for friends and family who are visiting but driving or choose not to drink. The alcohol free FreeGlider has a strong and impactful gin flavour with intense botanical notes. If you didn’t know it was alcohol free I don’t think you’d be able to tell.

Ginger Summer Sipsmith Cocktail

Sipsmith London Cup and Ginger cocktail by Sisley White

This fiery ginger cocktail is a rich drink but has a fruity undertone courtesy of the Sipsmith London Cup. This is a warming cocktail with hints of summer fruit. Perfect for a summer evening around a fire with friends.

Makes 1 drink

  • Ice
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • 50ml Sipsmith London Cup
  • 150ml Ginger ale
  • Lime
  1. Half fill a tumbler with ice and add a few fresh mint leaves
  2. Add the Sipsmith London Cup
  3. Add a small squeeze of lime
  4. Top up with the ginger ale and decorate with a strawberry
  5. Serve and sip

London Cup Lemonade Spritz

Sipsmith London Cup Spritz cocktail by Sisley White

This has to be my favourite drink of summer 2021. The London Cup is a fruity spirit which is perfect for days in the sunshine. You don’t need to add the fresh fruit but I think it’s worth it to really give this cocktail a punch. It looks incredible and tastes even better. It’s fresh, fruity and the Prosecco gives it an extra sparkle.

Makes 1 drink.

  • Ice
  • 50ml Sipsmith London Cup
  • 100ml Prosecco
  • 100ml lemonade (to top up)
  • Orange slice (for decoration)
  • Strawberries (for decoration)
  1. Add a handful of ice to a gin balloon glass
  2. Chop the strawberries and slice an orange and add it to the glass
  3. Add in the Sipsmith London Cup
  4. Pour in the Prosecco
  5. Top up with lemonade
  6. Serve and sip in the sunshine

Strawberry and Basil Gin cooler

Sipsmith Strawberry and basil cooler cocktail by Sisley White

For this cocktail I used the FreeGlider alcohol free Sipsmith gin. It’s brilliant that there are alternatives for those who don’t want to drink alcohol but still enjoy the flavour. If you do want to create this with gin then use the same amount as is listed for the alcohol free.

This strawberry and basil gin cooler is so moreish and utterly perfect for sunny days. The strawberry mixed with the fresh aromatic basil is a match made in heaven.

Makes 1 drink

  • Ice
  • 50ml FreeGlider alcohol free Sipsmith gin (or alcoholic gin)
  • 25ml strawberry cordial (I used Belvoir farms but you can make your own strawberry cordial at home)
  • 2 strawberries
  • 5 basil leaves
  • 150ml tonic
  1. Add a few ice cubes into a tall glass or jam jar
  2. Cut up the fresh strawberries and add them along with the basil
  3. Pour in the FreeGlider alcohol free Sipsmith gin with the strawberry cordial
  4. Top up with the tonic and stir
  5. Serve and enjoy

Beautiful cocktails need beautiful glassware. Explore the glassware collections at Elys and treat yourself to a set of new glasses for your homemade cocktails. There are also some cocktail essentials to pick up while you browse.

My top picks are:

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Shop Sipsmith online and in-store. 

A reminder to always drink responsibly. Must be 18 years or older to purchase products containing alcohol in the UK.