Spotlight on Hourglass Cosmetics: Curating Change

Style Statement

Always synonymous with conscious beauty, innovating and striving to reinvent luxury cosmetics, Hourglass Cosmetics is very articulate in sharing their credentials on their sustainability mission.

They represent the epitome of luxury with integrity.

However, until now, sustainable packaging across beauty has remained elusive in achieving with premium style expectation.

Come through Hourglass Cosmetics.

Newly revealed, the brand has succeeded in creating a no compromise quality formulation and style, with reduced waste refill packaging solution that is both beautiful and practical.

‘Curator is the modern merger of self-expression and a sustainable sensibility that allows for creativity through customisation.’

Hourglass Curator Eyeshadow

The Range

40 fresh, new shades across four different finishes from matte, to satin, metallic to shimmer are included in the line-up. Each shade is highly pigmented, talc-free, smooth and finely milled, easy to blend and comfortable to wear.

The shades are infinitely customisable, one sweep with a brush or a fingertip will lay down a dense, rich, velvety pigment, ideal for combining, smoking and lining singular shades or creating beautifully blended looks.

All shades are, as expected with Hourglass Cosmetics: vegan and cruelty free and glorious to work with.

Ingots of Dreams      

Single, three or five pan palettes are available made from consciously crafted tin and post-consumer recycled plastic. Gold, smooth and tactile and adorned with the iconic ‘H’ branding there is a covetable collectability to these palettes that has cleverly captured the brand’s desirable aesthetic appeal while maintaining a unique point of difference from other sustainable / refill options.

Hourglass Curator three pan palette

The bottom line is, this is purposeful – you are in control. You choose the shades that you will use over and over again, so there is no waste of product. That’s the difference.

The combinations of shades inside the palette are your decision. Each shade is individually cased in the stylish recycled aluminium formed pan. Subtle whispered style that is achingly cool and deliciously desirable. 

Slot your chosen shades into the refillable palette and snap into place securely.

Hourglass Curator Palette Builder Guide

Real Talk

What is always refreshing about Hourglass Cosmetics as a brand is their authenticity. They have an open dialogue with their consumer and have been honest about their quest to continually strive to be better.

Creating products with intention, purpose, ethics and conscience is the hardest thing to do. Committing to direction wholeheartedly enough to share statistics on goals achieved is brave, transparent and vulnerable.

But Hourglass Cosmetics has much to be proud of and are keen to share that in relation to virgin plastic that would have been produced to create the palettes, waste reduction is:

1 pan palette = 1 plastic bottle saved

3 pan palette = 2.5 plastic bottles saved

5 pan palette = 5 plastic bottles saved

You can recycle your palette, by simply cleaning all powder residue from the aluminium refill pan and pop them in your recycle bin. The casing continues to be used for refills.

The brand has made certain recommendations on shade combinations but I for one, am looking forward to standing by a pick ‘n’ mix station and creating my own bespoke palette that I will use over and over again.

I cannot support this launch more. It is innovative and shows that it CAN be done. Style, beauty, performance, choice and conscience in one launch – the gauntlet has been laid to the beauty market to follow suit.

The challenge with all innovation is the commerciality of the solution. Prices are at the luxury end as you expect from Hourglass. They are trailblazing, breaking new ground, so there is a premium attached to that. There is however, no compromise on quality, so the choice is ours now.

Now we, as consumers need to do better.

Hourglass Curator Arm Swatch

Beauty Insider Tip

Create a lined smokey eye with Curator Collection - one of the most requested looks to achieve.

Hourglass Cosmetics suggest AIR, ICE and ACE for a classic smokey eye

  1. Apply ACE (black) across the lid close to the lash line
  2. Blend to diffuse edges
  3. Softly apply AIR along the arch of the brow to define and lift
  4. Apply ICE to the inner corner of the eye to add highlight and dimension
  5. Tight-line with Mechanical Gel Eye Liner in Obsidian
  6. Finish with Unlocked Instant Extensions Mascara to complete this classic look

I like to layer Scattered Light over the top to add a different dimension to the pressed eyeshadow

*I sampled ELM a rich, deep chocolatey bronze.

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