We may have started lockdown living in luxe loungewear and gym kit but the novelty of dressing down on a daily basis has definitely worn off after several weeks at home and we are in need of a sartorial pick-me-up; a stylish raison d’être, if you will. Our day-to-day routines may have changed but we can still find reasons to dress up as those meetings and drinks with friends are still happening, albeit online via video link, and if nothing else, because the contents of our wardrobes are just calling out to be worn and enjoyed.

Now is the perfect time to experiment with your clothes as well as a great opportunity to streamline your wardrobe with a clear-out because sometimes we just cannot see the outfits for the clothes.

Fear not, if you are too used to wearing elasticated waists to give them up just yet, the good news is that styling up does not mean you have to sacrifice comfort; look to introduce strong accessories, eye-catching colour and a sprinkle of sparkle with my styling tricks, proving that great style is achievable any time and really will boost your mood.


I am a big believer in not ‘saving things for best’ because we deserve to feel our best every day, and even more so now in fact, with our diaries emptied of all social activities for the foreseeable future. This doesn’t mean I’m going to tell you to wear a ball gown to take the bins out à la Amanda Holden or your wedding dress to do the vacuuming, although if you can and want to, why not? It might just lift yours and your neighbours’ spirits!

We threw out the old-school styling rulebook long ago and we are now no strangers to wearing dresses with trainers, combining sporty pieces with tailoring and donning daytime sequins so this the ideal time to look at your wardrobe in a fresh new light with endless outfit opportunities ahead.


Stylist’s Tip

Remember those mood-boosting sequins you wore for the party season back in December? Get them out now and wear that sequin skirt with a slogan t-shirt, try on that sparkling top with jeans and finish both with simple white trainers. Also perfect for impromptu virtual catch-ups – get Houseparty ready in a flash by topping your day look with sequins.


A few carefully selected accessories is all you need to take your outfit from lounging in the living room to catch-ups with family and friends on Zoom, with just a few tweaks, a simple t-shirt and jeans pairing becomes a styled look with minimal effort. Experiment with your necklace collection and wear your go-to evening earrings during the day as all eyes are on your top half when communicating with the outside world.

Head scarfs and headbands were already a top accessory choice in the style stakes this season which is great news – if like me, you cannot wait to get back into the salon chair for a colour and cut – because we can disguise those ever-growing roots just a little bit longer.

Stylist’s Tip

Every time you get dressed, see if you can add at least one accessory to finish the look. Try layering two or three thin necklaces of different lengths together or change the existing belt on a dress for a different one in your collection.

Style Inspiration

Elevate a messy bun and classic white shirt with waterfall earrings and high-shine trousers usually reserved for nights.


Neutral loungewear definitely has its place in the wardrobe as do the muted basics for outfit building, but if you are looking at the same four walls, all day, every day, a bright colour really will lift your spirits and those of the people around you, not to mention helping you to stand out on screen.

If you are working from home, wearing a full outfit – with a fabulous pair of shoes – can help to get you into the zone and compartmentalise that side of your life from the rest, just as you would if you were leaving for the office every day. While you don’t need to be as formal as you may do in the workplace, even a brightly coloured top and a necklace worn with jeans and heels will feel polished and presentable.


Stylist’s Tip

Pick out something patterned and pair with another item in one block colour which can be found within the print; it’s the easy way to build an outfit that looks effortlessly styled.

Style Inspiration

Dress up your wardrobe basics of denim and stripes with a bright pair of shoes. It’s my own favourite way to inject an instant feel-good factor into my day.


I like to leave my clients with a little challenge until I see them next, to get them thinking about their clothes differently and plant a seed to try something new, so I’m setting you a challenge to get you inspired to make the most of your wardrobe too. For the next week try to wear at least one different thing every day that has not made its way out of the wardrobe for a long time and style it with uplifting colour, fun accessories or a smattering or sequins using my top tips.

Let’s stay stylish and feel fabulous, now, even more so than ever! Share your style with us on social @elyswimbledon on Instagram and Facebook and whilst you’re there, check out Helen’s Instagram page for more style inspiration.