Our Favourite Fragrances for Valentine's Day

Choosing a fragrance for someone else for Valentine’s Day is notoriously tricky as scents often trigger nostalgia.  They evoke certain memories because of the brain regions that process the scent.  Many notes within fragrances are even known for their aphrodisiac effect; Lavender, patchouli, rosewood, jasmine, cinnamon, sandalwood, blood orange and ginger, making them the perfect date night accessory!

A beautiful fragrance not only helps you capture attention but can also generate a huge boost to your own confidence.  That’s one of the reasons fragrances are a very popular option for Valentine’s Day gifts in the UK.  Here’s my pick of the best-selling fragrances for men and women, many including the powerful aphrodisiac ingredients so that you can make the perfect choice this Valentine’s Day. 

Top Classic Women’s Fragrances for a Fun, Daytime Luncheon

  1. Dior, Miss Dior, from £63
  2. Chanel, Coco Mademoiselle, from £65
  3. Elie Saab, Elie Saab, from £70
  4. Viktor & Rolf, Flowerbomb, from £59

Dior, Miss Dior, floral bouquet, peony & rose, musk and sandalwood.

Chanel, Coco Mademoiselle, amber floral bouquet, citrus, rose and patchouli.

Elie Saab, Elie Saab, floral amber bouquet, orange blossom, rose and jasmine.

Viktor & Rolf, Flowerbomb, fruity floral bouquet, freesia, rose and amber.

Top Classic Women’s Fragrances for a Sexy, Dinner Date

  1. Chanel, Coco Noir, from £91
  2. YSL, Black Opium, from £59
  3. Mugler, Alien, from £60
  4. Carolina Herrera, Good Girl, from £59

Coco Noir, warm spicy bouquet, rose, woody, patchouli and tonka bean.

YSL Black Opium, floral gourmand bouquet, white flower, vanilla coffee and cedarwood.

Mugler, Alien, woody floral bouquet, powerful jasmine, white amber and cashmeran wood.

Carolina Herrera, Good Girl, warm spice amber floral bouquet, white floral, vanilla and cacao.

Best new Women’s Fragrances

  1. Prada Paradox, from £59
  2. Narcisso Rodriguez, Cristal, from £82
  3. Coach, Wild Rose, from £37
  4. Tom Ford, Rose Prick, from £75

Prada, Paradox, floral, amber bouquet, amber, jasmine and neroli.

Narcisso Rodriguez, Cristal, floral bouquet, freesia, rose and cedarwood.

Coach, Wild Rose, floral gourmand, redcurrant, wild rose and crystal moss.

Tom Ford, Rose Prick, chypre floral, pepper, Bulgarian rose and patchouli.

Top 5 Men’s Fragrances

  1. Tom Ford Black Orchid unisex, from £70
  2. YSL, Y Homme, from £67
  3. Dior, Sauvage, from £65
  4. Moncler, Moncler pour Homme, from £76
  5. Hermès, Terre d’Hermès, from £79

Tom Ford, Black Orchid unisex fragrance, black orchids, chocolate, black truffle and blackcurrant.

YSL Y Homme, woody aromatic bouquet, ginger, juniper and tonka bean.

Dior Sauvage, fresh spicy bouquet, pepper, patchouli and cedarwood.

Moncler, earthy, aromatic bouquet, alpine green , woods and vetiver.

Hermes, Terre d’Hermes, peppery citrus, bergamot, pepper and vetiver.

Top 5 tips on how to choose a fragrance;

  1. Choose the fragrance according to your date type – sexy, spicy dinner date or sweet luncheon. Then dress accordingly!
  2. Double check the brands your partner already wears to play it safe.
  3. Is there a twist on their favourite scent newly launched?
  4. A Classic top 10 fragrance will never disappoint.
  5. Identify their favourite notes; Musky, Woody, Floral, Fruity, Citrus or Spicy, then go for a top 5 best-seller. You can’t go wrong.

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Compiled by Charlotte Broadbent @_charlotteloves_

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