What is this new new lifting eye cream?

Phyto Nature Lifting Eye Cream is a transformative eye cream with potent peptides and phytoactives that delivers a more lifted look. It’s clinically proven to deliver measurably lifted eyes in one use* This nourishing eye cream is suitable for all skins and those looking to address ageing around the eyes, including sagging eye lids, fine lines, and wrinkles. In consumer testing, 94% showed a visible reduction in wrinkles**

*Obtained during independent clinical testing of 31 people, 2 applications/day for 8 weeks.

**Consumer test, results after 4 weeks. Obtained during independent clinical testing of 31 people.

Do we really need to use a separate eye product?

Yes! The skin is 10 x thinner around the eyes compared to the rest of the face and thus more vulnerable to damage. With little elastin and subcutaneous fat, the eye area is also prone to dryness and thus premature skin ageing. This delicate skin is more susceptible to the environmental and lifestyle factors that cause up to half of visible skin ageing.

Products formulated specifically to support the delicate eye tissue helps to care for this skin more effectively. Plus, innovative eye products will target key eye concerns helping to reduce symptoms such as puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

What ingredients deliver the lifting results in this eye cream?

Inspired by nature and science, this nourishing eye cream contains Quinoa Seed Extract that helps to visibly reduce eyelid folds and refine skin’s texture. A blend of powerful Peptides to visibly firm, boost skin’s resilience and defend against free radicals. To smooth and tighten the skin, Adaptogenic Astragalus, Electric Daisy Flower and CoQ10 delivers a lifted look. Along with soothing and hydrating Matcha Butter, Squalane, Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5.

There are lots of anti-wrinkle eye creams on the market, what makes this unique?

Along with the unique claim of one use to measurably lifted eyes (most eye creams with visible results take a number of weeks to deliver results) Phyto Nature Lifting Eye Cream is also uniquely positioned as suitable and effective for use over the eye lid. Most eye products are only suitable for use around the eye orbit. Check out the incredible before and after photos to see the measurable lift on eyelid folds!

How do I introduce Phyto Nature Lifting Eye Cream into my regimen?

Follow Dermalogica’s simple Prep, Treat and Glow regimen steps with formulas designed to lift and firm your face and eyes, giving years back.

PREP - Cleanse face and eyes with PreCleanse to remove makeup, oils and pollutants gently yet thoroughly.

TREAT - Apply 1 pump of Phyto Nature Lifting Eye Cream warming on fingertips. Gently pat onto under-eyes and eyelids, massaging in an upward motion from the orbital bone toward temples. Use twice daily. For lifting and firming for the whole face, apply Phyto Nature Firming Serum.

GLOW - Complete your regimen with Phyto Nature Oxygen Cream, a daily firming and lifting liquid moisturiser that revitalises skin with hydrating, oxygen-optimising phytoactives. In the morning apply SPF to face and close to the eye orbit to defend skin from damaging UV rays.

Get the lift you’re looking for today!

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We are excited to bring you a new product from Dermalogica, Phyto Nature Oxygen Cream. A reawakening daily liquid moisturiser that firms, lifts and revitalises with premium hydrating and oxygen-optimising phytoactives. If you’re looking to turn back the clock on signs of skin ageing but are sceptical about whether such formulas really deliver, we quizzed Dermalogica’s Education Manager Victoria Evans on the subject (and the answer is yes!)