Prep, Correct, Perfect

Let’s face it, we have traditionally been magpies when it comes to beauty, constantly distracted by the new and shiny, the latest must have colour, texture, palette, lotion or potion.

    But, during the past year or so, with the world going into hibernation, we have had a time to re-evaluate our habits - what we need versus what we want, look at our spend and review our stocks. Plus questioning, will I have the occasion to look like that? Does it matter? Is that my style anymore? How do I feel about wearing heels now? What are all these pots and tubes? Did I ever wear that colour lipstick? Is that still ok to use?

     As we re-emerge into the world of contact with other people, simplicity is probably our best approach as we redefine our new look.

    Get the basics right and the rest will follow; now more than ever, it’s key to get the foundations right, literally. 

    With this in mind, Bobbi Brown’s refocus on PREP, CORRECT, PERFECT seems unsurprisingly timely.

    Bobbi Brown – Naturally Beautifully You.

    In a market that is famous for change, there are thankfully some things that remain consistent and reliable. Bobbi Brown is one of the industry’s most well known, trusted and loved brands, a pioneer in products that work to enhance your natural beauty.

    Unless you have been living under a rock, you will probably know Bobbi Brown for being one of the earliest brands established by a respected makeup artist, who quickly became beloved for their approach to a more natural look, embracing individuality and working with clients to enhance their natural beauty with an endless palette of delicious nudes, buffs and neutrals for face, cheeks, eyes and lips.

    Luxurious but simple and partnered by willing, clear advice and guidance from the team of advisors, the brand’s credentials grow stronger each year.

    I think it’s true what they say, style never goes out of style.

    I spent some time and had a really interesting virtual consultation with Lucy, a Bobbi Brown senior advisor who about the brand and why she was so proud to work with them, not just for their products and innovations, but their support of women’s’ initiatives, how there are more men approaching the counter for advice nowadays plus how much of a kick they get out of the ‘educate and recreate’ approach when advising clients in-store.

    After my consultation, I was sent some of the products which form part of Bobbi Brown’s Prep, Correct, Perfect regime to try. I know, lucky me!

    I’ll admit, I have tried bits from Bobbi Brown over the years, but I’ve not really been a loyal user of their base products.

    Well, that may be changing!

    Featured in the collection are four iconic products from their line-up, forming a three-step routine to a long-lasting complexion.

    STEP 1:

    Vitamin Enriched Face Base


    Let’s start with this cult classic. Bobbi Brown’s number 1 best seller. How I haven’t had this in my arsenal all these years is actually beyond me.

    I didn’t use this for the moisturiser element specifically, but more for the base priming properties.

    The texture is right up my street, it’s glossy and balmy, but not greasy which considering the rich complex of ingredients including Shea Butter, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, is a testament to the elegance of the formulation. Nourishing, softening and smoothing this protective formula cushions the skin, shielding from damaging free radicals while forming a deliciously soothing base for your makeup to support longer wear and skin comfort beneath, locking in hydration to give your complexion a more even, healthy texture

    I found this superb at creating a smooth, even canvas and it gave a gentle healthy glow to skin without being overly dewy which is not to everyone’s preference. This is probably why it has remained a cult classic as it works on all skin types and helps create a fresh, healthy base to keep makeup application naturally radiant.

    STEP 2:



    Right, this is the product that I will not be without from now on. The original and best under eye concealer in my opinion. There are 16 tones for this full coverage under eye colour corrector. This ultra-creamy texture glides over skin and helps to brighten, cover and correct pigmentation around the eye with a true skin finish. 

    You can discover your perfect match by identifying your pigmentation irregularities. The guidance is clear from Bobbi Brown, if you have blue-purple tones of discolouration, opt for a complexion tone suitable shade from a bisque line of colour correction, and if the pigmentation is more on the green-brown, choose peach tones. If you are a mix of both, choose peach-bisque. Ultimately, a colour corrector can be your secret weapon to neutralising uneven skin pigmentation.

    Looking for tones that ‘cancel’ each other out according to the colour wheel means a more even base for building the colour back into your face. Remember, less is more. Identifying the areas of colour or shadow and treating them rather than trying to mask great areas is critical for that natural effect. And as far as application tips go, press, don’t sweep and pat gently to set to skin.

    The formula is crease resistant, moisturising and blendable thanks to the glide of kaolin clay and helps blend away dark circles.

    I could not be more impressed; I love that it is a poured formula which means it’s super portable and buildable so you don’t waste product by squeezing excess.

    I would urge anyone to try this product.

    Instant Full Cover Concealer


    2018 Vogue Beauty Award Winner in the Makeup Transformer category, this high coverage, creamy formula feels comfortable yet instantly covers dark circles giving long lasting ‘life resistant’ coverage.

    This product epitomises the Bobbi Brown approach. Flawless yet natural.

    I really enjoyed this product as for me, dark circles are an issue. I embrace my fine lines – they show I’ve laughed a lot; they don’t worry me, the dark circles are a constant focus to try to find a solution.


    What I like most is how pliable the texture is - it is high coverage but doesn’t feel like it’s clumsy, thick or cakey, more that it is weightless, elegant and adaptable. It sits well under foundation or can be used alone as a bare faced no makeup Sunday look.

    There are some concealers that find the texture too dry when reading reviews, but I think that comes down to personal preference. For me, I need something that feels like it’s going to stay put and I actually found that combining this with the Corrector was a very effective combination for super high coverage.

    There are 15 shades to choose from - extra light through to deep rich tones which for an under-eye corrector is essential.

    Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF15


    Another top of the pops, this number one selling Bobbi Brown foundation is available in 43 shades.

    This is a true-skin matte finish with 16-hour ‘life proof’ wear. It was developed with research on over 7,000 skin tones to work with different undertones and create a truly multi-dimensional real skin finish that works with natural skin contours rather than to cover and eliminate them.

    The goal here is shine free, long-wear to give you complete skin confidence all day. Comfortable, creamy and buildable with different application methods,

    there is a reason it’s the number one, it’s tough to find a more natural flawless base.


    My overwhelming impression of my interaction with the products, Bobbi Brown’s brand ambassador, Lucy, the website is just how informative and sharing of technique the brand is. Non patronising education and support to help people find their best solutions from the products available. Winner.

    Purchasing makeup can be daunting. There is so much choice that it could put off even the most informed, but if you are looking for a complexion expert to help you make smart, appropriate decisions that are simple to use, easy to apply and fit in with a busy lifestyle, you can’t go far wrong than visiting the Bobbi Brown counter in Elys Beauty Hall.

    Beauty Insider’s Tip

    Not part of the PREP, CORRECT, PERFECT routine, but my Bobbi Brown ride or dies:

    1. Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks (in shade Fresh Melon, if you’re asking)
    2. Smokey Eye Mascara
    3. Crushed Lip Colour (shade Bare is my fave)
    4. Longwear Cream Shadow Sticks

    Discover Bobbi Brown in-store where the team of artists are ready to find your perfect shade and share application tips.