The Hoop Station

The Hoop Station is the sister brand to Georgiana Scott, a beautifully curated collection of luxury hoop earrings expertly crafted in Italy, that are universally adored by fans of all ages.

In Elys Wimbledon we have launched a curated selection of lightweight but strong and elevated classic earrings by The Hoop Station.

We interviewed Juliet, Hoop Queen & CEO about her journey:

When did you learn your craft? 

I acquired my passion for sparkles as a child, surrounded by jewels all over our kitchen table at home and later acquired an eclectic taste from my travels, living in India when I was 18, Chile at 20. First job in my father’s framing store at 14! Loved serving customers and being super bossy about customised framing requests. Further gained experience at Harrods and Fenwick, which later developed into a career in PR specialising in fine jewellery and watches. I’ve always believed that listening to what the customer wants can be priceless, particularly when looking at a spreadsheet (which involves another part of the brain!). 



What inspired you to learn your craft?  

I speak Spanish (Latin American) and Italian, making my working relationship that much stronger when in our factories in Italy.  

From the age of 12, I was desperate to visit Latin America having learnt about Central & Latin America and as a teenager had a serious obsession with J Lo and all things Latino! My original collection was - and still is - named ‘Chica Latina’’; had to be done ;-). All of our ranges are named after Italian towns and cities because of our ‘made in Italy’ story.  


What are you still learning now? 

As an individual aspiring to maintain a successful business, I am conscious of being open to the way the world is evolving, notably editorial which is rather swiftly eradicating traditional print media and making way for the ever evolving digital revolution. Always curious and excited about changes in consumer behaviour and zeitgeist, getting a real buzz about self-development/psychology. I love a good podcast and Ted Talks.  



How are your pieces made? How does this make your pieces different from others? 

Our pieces are all made in Italy and designed in our studio, all of our hoops are 925 sterling silver and rhodium plated which means we only stock extremely high quality pieces at an accessible price point. One of the greatest features of our pieces is that they cater for all styles and life stages. From the mother buying for her daughter to the business women treating herself, our jewellery is a staple for everyday to be dressed up and down.  


Can you discuss the difference between the other hoops and the more expensive luxe ones? 

We have a collection of classic styles, carried since The Hoop Station was launched, alongside limited edition collections which are constantly updated each season. The brand caters for a wide range of price points and styles, for women of ALL AGES. We ensure our classic collections are always stocked up and trust me there have been enormous challenges, what with Brexit and Covid and factories being more and more cautious never mind the metal price hikes across the world! The silver styles are plated with rhodium (to give the same effect as white gold) and that is a metal which is currently higher than gold! Customers are often affluent, discerning and wear Hoop Station earrings alongside fine diamonds or premium watches.  


Can you discuss your sustainability practices? 

Our hoops are made responsibly, in association with LBMA & RJC. LBMA strives to enforce ethical sourcing of metals, whilst combating human rights abuse, contributing to protecting our planet and our people. RJC is committed to ethical practices, with a respect for human rights and the planet. Our efforts are by no means all of what we can be doing, but we are continuing to grow awareness on what we should be doing whilst making conscious improvements in our office. 


What makes your brand different from the others? 

Dress them up, dress them down, we believe every single day is a hoop day! We like to make customers smile and while taking the Business seriously, like to have a giggle and try to add a touch of wit / humour / cheekyness to branding. We endeavour to work with PR / Marketing / CopyWriting / Sales Execs / Team members who appreciate this tone too. 

We are committed to our customers' confidence in our responsibly sourced & quality sterling silver. We put customer service + personal service at the heart of everything we do; prioritising authenticity and honesty in our practices.


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