Towel Buying Guide

Here’s everything you need to know about Towels, buying them and how to care for them afterwards.  

The Cotton industry

Five countries make up around 75% of global cotton production.  

  • India: 6.1 million tons 
  • China: 5.5 million tons 
  • US: 4.1 million tons 
  • Brazil: 1.9 million tons 
  • Pakistan: 1.7 million tons 


27 million tons of cotton are produced a year. The same as 27 t-shirts for everyone on Earth. But the consumption of cotton varies a lot. Source: 


Organic Cotton  

Organic cotton towels are made from cotton grown without pesticides.  

PIMA Cotton  

Pima cotton is a high quality cotton and is similar to Egyptian cotton in that it has long fibres. Ordinary cotton can feel a little scratchy and develop pilling after multiple washes, which is due to the short fibres of ordinary standard cotton.  PIMA cotton fibres are about 50% longer and are made from the fluffiest part of the Bulb which make PIMA cotton towels much softer.  

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Deyongs Bliss Supersoft Pima Towel Cloud


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Our Bliss Pima Cotton Towels from Deyongs are available in a vast array of stunning colours and is one of our luxury towel ranges. Crafted from a super soft Pima cotton that gets better and better with each wash, is kinder to your skin, lasts longer and is more absorbent. Pima Cotton is also considered superior to Egyptian cotton as it gives better absorbency, more durability and is softer to the skin.

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Egyptian Cotton  

Egyptian Cotton towels are incredibly absorbent due to the unique composition of the Egyptian cotton plant. The Egyptian cotton plant differs from the regular cotton plant in that the fibres or staples are much longer compared to regular cotton fibres, giving it incredible softness without sacrificing strength. Egyptian cotton is known as the best cotton in the world.

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Sheridan Egyptian Luxury Towels - Graphite



The Luxury Egyptian towel range spoils the senses, with the softness and instant absorbency of its combed ring spun Egyptian cotton yarns. Beautifully finished with a classic border and a palette of colours, the range will complement any bathroom.

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Sheridan Egyptian Luxury Towels - Kingfisher


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How to Care for Towels 

  • Limit the use of Fabric condition on your towels, whilst they can give your towels a soft feel, overuse of conditioner leaves a coating on towels and reduces absorbency.  
  • Always wash your towels before using them to help set their colour, improve absorbancy and reduce lint.  
  • Wash like colours together.  
  • Give your towels a shake when you take them out of the washer to fluff the loops that aid absorbency.  
  • Ensure that towels are dry when you remove them from the dryer. Even slightly damp towels can mildew. Avoid overdryijngl, it can destroy the integrity of the individual fibres.  
  • Avoid contact with skincare products to help minimise towel spotting and bleaching.