A Love Letter to the Barbour Ashby

Where do I even begin with my love for the Barbour Ashby?

Based upon Barbour’s iconic Beadle, my Barbour Ashby was gifted to me for Christmas some years ago. At the time having recently moved to London from the rural countryside the Ashby seemed like the perfect blend between town and country to help me weather my first London winter.


The Barbour Beadle was originally introduced in 1980 and designed by Dame Margaret Barbour with equestrian endeavours in mind. Needless to say my the closest my Ashby has come to ‘equestrian endeavours’ is watching the Changing of the Guards outside Buckingham Palace.


That being said the jacket offers some refinements from the previous Beadle jacket. A more streamlined, longer body and longer arms for a more contemporary look and feel and perfect for a taller gentleman. There are also more versatile features such as adjustable sleeves and collars to compliment the wearer’s personal preference.


The classic wax style of the jacket and iconic corduroy collar are what drew me to the jacket in the first place and it’s what makes me pick it out of the wardrobe year-after-year.


I’ve always believed in buying quality pieces that will stand the test of time and my Barbour Ashby has done just that. A few years ago my Ashby was looking worse-for-wear and instead of buying a replacement I opted to revive the Ashby with the brand’s Wax Thornproof Dressing. A daunting idea and although originally a little patchy the rewaxing has just added another chapter to my Ashby’s story.

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How to re wax a babour jacket

Barbour offer a very special service that allows their customers to return their beloved Barbour jacket* at any time to be re-waxed, cleaned, repaired, or altered. Barbour recommend that you re-wax your jacket annually depending on wear and use a small re-wax for accessories which include waxed cotton hoods, belts, and dog coats.

However, Rewaxing is easy and you can do it yourself.....

Step 1 | Getting ready...

Check the Care Label inside your jacket to ensure you have the right Wax. Cover your work surface and gather the things you'll need to reproof your Lightweight Wax Jacket: a Lightweight Wax Stick, a hairdryer, and a lint-free cloth.

Step 2 | Begin applying the wax...

Always start at the back of your jacket, applying an even layer by dragging the wax stick across it, paying extra attention to creases and seams.

Step 3 | Warm the wax...

Using the hairdryer, pass over the areas where you've applied the wax with a moderate heat to soften it into the fabric.

Step 4 | Work in the wax...

Use the lint-free cloth to rub the wax into your jacket, ensuring that it is evenly distributed. Once you have finished the back, you will need to repeat this process for the sleeves and front of your jacket.

Step 5 | Leave overnight to dry...

Hang your jacket in a cool, dry place to dry overnight.

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