All I want for Christmas is…..SLEEP

By Felicity Barnes 


The purpose of this article is not to put a downer on the festivities, we should be delighted that we can see family and friends freely this year. (well most of us are…though a few exceptions inevitably slip through!)

But life is not easy and it is important to understand that there may be a myriad of reasons why people feel overwhelmed at this time of year, whether it is financial pressures, social anxiety, work pressures, lifestyle, health, that person you feel duty bound to include in your plans even though…yup, the list goes on.

So how do we face the festivities head on, with some self-preservation in place? How do we retain some sense of balance and feel some benefit of rest and revitalisation from the holiday rather than give in entirely to the stress and pressure?

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are terms we use interchangeably, but they are not exactly the same. They manifest some similarities but actually are quite different.

Stress is triggered, there is usually some level of logic involved. Our bodies physiologically change when exposed to stress: heart rate is elevated, body temperature rises, our breathing is faster, there is muscle tension. Our bodies are kicking in hormonal responses with cortisol and adrenaline, our fight or flight response to a threat or situation.

While anxiety presents some biological similarities, it is often unexplainable, it is driven by fear rather than an actual presentation of facts to react against.

Whatever way you look at how pressure, worry and overwhelm manifest, the upshot is often disrupted sleep, imbalance and unsettled feelings.

Ok, we know we can’t take the seasonal stress and strain away, we aren’t here to tell you how to deal with your individual holiday merry-go-round, keep your calm around the in-laws or navigate the balance of power in who does what in your house…that is out of our jurisdiction!

What we can do, is help you create rituals that support restorative recovery and consistent sleep that will help maintain your energy throughout the period and give you a good start to your new year.

Our circadian rhythm

Our circadian rhythm is individual to each of us and regulates biological activity such as blood pressure, temperature and hormone balance for example.

Insulin levels can become affected, which in turn impacts our energy. Normal thyroid function is put under pressure and can slow metabolism, cause fatigue and lead to conditions like hair loss.

Hormones leptin and ghrelin regulate the body’s natural control on overeating, meaning when these hormones are imbalanced we can suffer from weight gain.

Stress hormone cortisol is directly linked to sleep hormone melatonin, they need to be synced to ensure quality sleep. Cortisol levels are

elevated when our bodies are depleted and out of balance, this can become chronic and lead to a “wired” sense of tiredness with an inability to fall asleep…overtired.

A vicious circle ensures.

Sleep interrupted over the festive period may not cause dramatic or noticeable biological shifts instantly, but it gives way to undesirable sleep habits. So why not bring some moments of serenity to the madness of your day, to help re-centre before you sleep

Scent to sleep

Nicola Elliott, Founder of Neom, knows about living with stress and functioning under pressure, it ultimately drove her to develop the brand.

From the original blends to today, the team have created unique, 100% natural scent blends with an ability to help transport your mood to just the right place.

Scent to Sleep, is a collection of simple rituals that can help instill a mood of calm, a presence of mind, a moment to breathe and an aura of readiness for wholesome, deep and undisturbed sleep – as they say, Small Steps. Big Difference.

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Bedtime Heroes & The Perfect Night’s Sleep

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PERFECT NIGHT'S SLEEP is the original bestselling Tranquility fragrance, unchanged. It is a true lavender, floral herbaceous blend with notes of chamomile and patchouli, bringing a dry, hay quality that is deep, restorative and instantly relaxing.

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