There are so many incredible kitchen goodies available in Elys, which makes compiling my baker’s essentials quite a challenge. When I am planning a visit to the store, I look forward to mooching around the floor, discovering familiar brands as well as marveling at little niches, which really inject that extra personality into a home. I always recommend heading to the third floor where I guarantee you’ll find something that’ll catch your eye. Here are some favourites I have found which make up my round-up of items I could not live without for the kitchen.

1. Joseph Joseph Nest- £30

It might seem like an obvious choice, but a good mixing bowl will see you through for years. My recommendation is the Joseph Joseph Nest. It is a beautifully designed set of very useful kitchen items, which fit together, perfect if you are taking your first step into the foray of baking. The kit includes a large mixing bowl, colander, sieve, smaller mixing bowl and a set of measuring spoons. As it stacks together, it is a great space saver and I love that the rainbow of colour adds an extra bit of joy to the kitchen.

2. Le Creuset Casserole – From £99

Le Creuset has a fantastic range of kitchen and bakeware. Yes, the price points may initially take you by surprise, but think of them as investment pieces – they will last you a long time. When thinking about an essential Le Creuset piece, my choice is the Casserole Dish. Made of cast iron, they are oven and hob safe, making them super versatile as they can be used for cooking and baking almost anything. I use for mine for fry-ups, risottos, cakes, one pot roast dinners and of course iconic stews. My parents have just replaced their casserole dish after 30 years and millions of family dinners.

3. Silverwood Cake Tins – £11.95

There are so many cake tins available out there but a definite for my kit of essentials are those made by Silverwood. Their cake tins are made of strong aluminum, which will not peel, blister or rust – what’s more, they are naturally non-stick. The range comes in all shapes and sizes to suit your baking requirements, but my favourite that can be used repeatedly is the tall-sided eight-inch cake tin with removable base. I use mine for all my cakes and I’m slowly collecting the range of sizes for my bakes.

4. KitchenAid Mixer – From £349

A beautiful yet reliable mixer is most certainly at the top of most baker’s wish lists. KitchenAid is an investment item and their mixers have been a top choice for bakers for over one hundred years. They are strong, powerful, and known for lasting. The mixer comes with a beater, whisk and dough hook, so you are spoilt for choice as to what to use it for. Not just limited to baking, there are so many attachments for these mixers, which means that within minutes you can switch from spirallizing a courgette to making homemade spaghetti.

5. Ladelle White Platter Serve Stick– £18

After all your hard work in the kitchen, you need a beautiful plate to serve your delicious creations on. Elys’ range of plates, stands and boards are perfect to present your bakes. Ever since I discovered the Ladelle platter serve stick plate in-store, I have lost count on how many people I’ve recommended them to! I love it for its large, stylish ceramic plate with an in-built wooden handle, which makes it perfect for parties and creating sharing platters.

Feeling inspired by Sisley’s baking must-haves? Create your own essentials kit, then head to her blog and choose which recipe you’ll rustle up first. Trust us, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Prices correct at the time of publishing. Items listed are subject to availability.