Hat shopping Guide

The Finest Hats For Every Occasion

Whether you prefer bold and avant-garde designs or classic and understated styles, there’s something for everyone in our new millinery department at Camp Hopson.

Helen Canning, Fashion stylist, shares her top tips for finding your perfect style. 

Match the mood (and follow the rules)

Take the stress out of dressing for a special occasion or social event and make sure you follow the dress code and wear the required style of hat. For events such as Royal Ascot, this can mean the difference between enjoying the day and looking fabulous from top-to-toe or being refused entry!

Balance your outfit with colour

Whether you start by falling in love with a headpiece or choose the clothes first, the full look should be complementary for a polished finish. Colour plays a key role in this whether you choose to contrast or match your tones. 

Looks Helen Loves

  • Wear a striking shade like fuchsia or scarlet with a navy or black based dress.
  • Select one shade from a multicoloured print outfit to accent with your choice of hat.
  • Pick a bright shade with a strong contrast to the colour of your dress or suit.
  • Light neutrals like cream, silver and gold give a more subtle finish but will go with almost everything.

Know your face shape

Just as different clothing suits different body shapes, so do hats and face shapes. Asymmetric styles will work for most people. For an angular jaw line, look for millinery with curved lines and round details.

When deciding on size of hat to wear, consider your height and build. As a guide, hats should not extend beyond your shoulder width. Pillbox styles work well if you are petite.

Hair up or down

How you want to wear your hair on event day can affect your choice of hat. If styling hair up, opt for a headband style or pillbox hat with elastic to sit neatly on your up-do, while a low chignon or bun is an elegant way to wear long hair up with a larger hat. 

Picture Perfect 

When attending an event where you’ll be photographed (that’s you, mothers of brides and grooms!), avoid hats with a downturn brim so no shadows are cast over your face.

This also applies if you wear glasses. Instead, select an upturn brim to open up over your face. 

Try Lots on

Most importantly, try multiple styles in a variety of shapes and sizes to decide which feels comfortable and find the style which suits you. 

At Camp Hopson, you have plenty of choice! 

Find our new Millinery department on the ground floor.