Our Favourite Winter Scents at The White Company

Unquestionably one of the best smelling areas in Elys is The White Company on the Second Floor. Coming up the escalators to the space is a nasal pleasure all year long but really comes into it's own with the comforting and cosy scents of winter.

The day winter arrives isn't marked up a calendar in Elys, it's marked by The White Company receiving their winter scents, and with that in mind we wanted to share our 5 favourite scents this season.

1. Midnight

With scent notes of Vetivert, Cardamom and Amber the Midnight scent is aromatic and warming. The candle is infused with purple canella berries and fern leaves. Inspired by the magic of Venice and fireworks at midnight it's rich and velvety with a sparkling twist of ginger.

2. Highland Escape

Woody and warm, Highland Escape is designed to conjure thoughts of just that, a winter Highland Escape. This scent will give you notes of Bergamot, Vetivert and soothing saffron with woody patchouli and a rich, warming swill of Cognac to enjoy through long winter evenings.

3. Seychelles

OK, Seychelles isn't technically a winter scent from The White Company but could we ever omit Seychelles from a list of our favourite scents? Probably not! Aromatic and soothing regardless of the time of year this scent evokes notes of bergamot, bright orange and fresh coconut. It might not be everyones idea of winter, but it's got us thinking of white beaches and long holidays, which is never a bad thing!

4. Fireside

Bringing it back to winter and the vision of curling up next to a warm fireplace. Fireside is woody and warm with notes of smoked woods, birch and amber. If you don't have a fireplace, this is your perfect alternative.

5. Mixed Defuser Set

If you visit The White Company and still can't decide on a home fragrance then we can only suggest picking up one of the mixed sets like above which features Winter, Highland Escape, Fir Tree and Midnight. A variety of mixed sets are available in-store so you can find your perfect blend.

The White Company is located on our Second Floor, just at the top of the escalators.