Styling My Partner... part 1

I adore styling women and making them feel fabulous, however, creating looks for men is equally rewarding, if not more so. Especially challenging ones that are very set in their clothing comfort zone, like my partner Nick!

With that in mind and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Elys set me the challenge of creating some new looks for Nick and getting him #DateNightReady.

Nick is a Street Photographer and is all about comfort & practicality but where’s the fun in that?

Here's Nick's usual look...

We can do better than that, Nick...

Dinner Date

The first thing I wanted to do was get Nick into a suit… and doesn’t he look incredible in this Freedom Puppy-tooth Single Breasted Suit from Reiss?

I teamed the suit with a classic white slim fit shirt from Kiana from Reiss for a relaxed vibe.

These are great wardrobe staples for men that live in T-shirts and always struggle with something for a smarter occasion. The same goes for the formal Reiss Bay Leather Shoes in dark brown that ad an extra level of sophistication.

Form an orderly queue ladies! 😉

Nick loved this look that would also be great for summer weddings or special occasions like Ascot.

With the February weather we added this Grey Manor Wool Coat from AllSaints. It’s a great length that would work well with a more casual look.

Adding accessories can transform an outfit and we have a great selection of hats, scarves, gloves and socks available online and in-store on the Ground Floor.

First Date

Now I know I’m biased but who wouldn’t say no if your first date turned up in this look…skinny jeans aren’t just for the younger gentlemen and can look really great even on a 50 year old plus dad bod like Nick’s!

These Indigo Cigarette Skinny Jeans from AllSaints even have back pockets with extra stitching to reinforce and hold all the necessities that men do seem to love to carry around. 

The Progress Puppytooth single breasted blazer over the Caine grey Merino Wool Reiss polo adds a layer of refined sophistication to the skinny jean and these Dune Mantle Chelsea Boots add a dapper twist for a smart but casual option. 

Again introducing a scarf adds another texture and interest with this subtle pattern clash. Scarves can be worn long and loose to cover any tummy or simply tied at the neck.

Join us soon for part 2...

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