The Failsworth Panama: An Iconic Wimbledon Hat

Looking for hats to wear at Wimbledon? Failsworth offers several different styles of Panama, the perfect iconic Wimbledon hat for watching all the courtside action.

The Failsworth Regimental Panama Fedora Hat (in natural colour) is hand woven in Ecuador from 100% toquilla straw. This lightweight hat is unlined and features a cotton sweatband for comfort - perfect for summer. So if you’re in need of a Wimbledon straw hat to protect yourself courtside, pop into our store or order your own Failsworth Wimbledon hat online!
 Panama Failsworth Hat
A History of Failsworth Hats

In 1903, Failsworth produced about 25 dozen hats each week from their modest Manchester facilities. Failsworth were then creating 5000 dozen hats every week by the 1940s, yet they still found time to help with the war effort by making flying helmets for the RAF and "special equipment" for commando frogmen.

Failsworth could "see the writing on the wall" when the market for their fur felt hats started to wane in the 1950s and had a workable substitute ready when the market eventually crashed. Failsworth fabric variations quickly gained popularity, appealing to both the avant-garde and the "man in the street."

As a brand, Failsworth is still focusing on the future today, always coming up with fresh takes on models that are already hugely successful and using cutting-edge materials, textures, and colours.

Wimbledon Style

So what’s the connection with these Wimbledon hats? The notion that fans should dress up for the occasion is seldom mentioned at Wimbledon, compared to other iconic British sporting events like Ascot and Epsom. Outside of the Royal Box, where a jacket and tie are required, the dress code is surprisingly permissive; the only rules are that untidy trainers, running vests, and torn jeans are never appropriate. A non-code that places the responsibility of dressing appropriately on the attendee rather than the organisation (generally) brings out the best in people.
failsworth hats

Spectators at Wimbledon are known for dressing up for the occasion and bringing their own style to the event. They often wear clothes that reflect British heritage or traditional style. One example of this is the iconic Panama hat style we love from Failsworth, which was popularised by British explorers in South America during the 19th century. These hats aren't just for Wimbledon though - they're also perfect for any other summer event you might attend this year!

In the summer heat during this Wimbledon season, you'll want something light — but that doesn't mean sacrificing style at the same time. Failsworth’s classic panama styles will be sure to keep you cool in all ways if you choose them as your Wimbledon hat this year.
If you need to protect your head with a Wimbledon hat this season, shop our collection of Failsworth Hats in-store or online!
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